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"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J.K. D'Angelo

These programmes were conceived by the need to integrate young employees into organizational structures. Each one is tailored to the environment in which the employee will be operating and in consideration of their personal development needs. Young employees need to understand how modern organizations operate.

They require the personal skills and competencies, which allow them to actively contribute in such environments, and they need to be conscious of themselves and equipped to continually develop. They also have specific needs born of their inexperience in both work and life.

The residential programmes are run from a venue ideally suited to an intensive development programme. Participants are required to be interdependent, sharing work, learning and experiences in a highly structured process.

Throughout, they are guided, taught and encouraged to consider all aspects of their operations, continually looking to improve and develop both themselves and their peers, during and after the programme. Full consideration is given to how these young workers will integrate the skills learned, into their day-to-day work.

Aspects covered in additional organization - specific elements:

  1. New worker skills
  2. Interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Group process skills and working with others
  4. Presentation and personal impact
  5. Assertiveness
  6. Individual and group problem solving
  7. Creativity

Programme flow:

  1. Pre-meeting agreement of organizational objectives and members
  2. Programme designing
  3. Programme delivery concluding with presentation
  4. Delivery of individual development plans

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