What Not To Expect

‘WHAT TO’ & ‘NOT TO’ EXPECT AT Seegreen Lodges

If you have an incessant need to be entertained by television, then See Green Lodges is not the place to go to. Neither do we have nightclubs nor discotheques or DJs. We are proud to say that we don’t even have room service since we see you as a guest in our home and not as a customer in a resort.

You can expect complete tranquility and an aesthetically inspiring atmosphere that can awake the poet within you. You may however, get wary of being persistently serenaded by the uninterrupted bird calls of the mountain birds.

If you are in the “active group ” then walks , treks , discovering the sheer artistry of the sun and shade dancing through the thick oak and deodar forests or the flight and twitter of vivid Himalayan birds , will make you fall in love with nature once again. And if that’s not all, you can charge down to the bottom of the hill to get a real feel of what a hill village is like and make it a base camp for deeper forages into Western Garhwal and other spots. There are also a generous helping of plenty of heritage sites within 50 kms of The Lodge.

Those who come to break away from the mad pace of life , abandon all external activity and reconnect with yourself with the help of that great master: NATURE . Fall into a quiet, uninterrupted trance-like state, while gazing at clear blue sky, at its finest with only a book or a warm, soothing beverage for company. Laze around , draw in deep breaths of pure, unadulterated oxygen, get lost in a quiet reverie while gazing across at the vast panorama of the lofty Badri and Kedarnath Range of The Higher Himalayan peaks . At night sit under the velvet blue canopy of a star spangled sky , feel the pure energy of ‘Yamini’ and enjoy the sound of silence.

For the creative and introspective, this is the RETREAT that you have been looking for.

It is a solemn pledge that you will get to witness nature in its essence with legendary sunrises, awe-inspiring mental snapshots of the glorious Himalayan ranges that you will be able to cherish for a long time to come, and some truly historical spots.

We assure you that your stay at See Green Lodges will be an experience unlike any other you will ever get to be a part of, so pick up the phone and book your memory of a lifetime within an instant!


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