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Drive or Trek – George Everest Point

Seegreen is very close to the beautiful George Everest Point. In fact we take a turn toward this point from right outside Seegreen.To brief you about the history of this place

trek_img1George Everest was a surveyor of the Indian Himalayas in the last century. He was responsible for mapping the Himalyan range in detail with the measurement of all the peaks . He had a base which was also the home in which he lived , here in Hathipaon. And yes, Mount Everest was named in his honour by the Royal Geographic Society. The house itself is in ruins, but is a landmark and is under jurisdiction of the Archaeological Survey of India.

trek_img2The place itself is very scenic .On reaching the spot, we can see the Doon Valley on one side & Aglar River Valley of Snowband Himalayan range on the other side .

On a clear day or otherwise too the vastness and openness of the place has a feel good factor to it. We would recommend you to definitely visit this place . Beyond the tourist point is a hill which one can climb. It is a bit steep but the view on top is definitely worth it!!!

We can see vast view of the entire area from Dehradun to Hathipaon to Mussoorie. The hill has many Tibetan prayer flags and this adds to the charm and feels peaceful and serene.

There are two ways to reach the George Everest Point


  • From Seegreen, just continue down the road towards Cloudsend village, when you will come to a fork, take the lower road towards wishing well. Continue till you reach the gate and cross it. Walk up the hill and through some local bastis. You will soon reach Everest point. In fact any person on the way will point you in the right direction.


  • Just before Seegreen , take the moterable road towards the Point and walk along this stretch till you actually reach the Point. On off season days , there is hardly any traffic on these roads and they are well covered on either sides by tall himalyan trees. You can enjoy the bird calls on the way.



  • Its just a few minutes away, about 1.5 kms approximately. ust a few mins drive, about 1.5 kms away from Seegreen.



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