Accommodations Near Landour

Accommodations Near Landour

Accommodations Near Landour Head to Seegreen Lodges right away! This rustic architectural wonder that was built during the British Raj and rests majestically by the breath-taking Himalayan ranges amongst pine and chestnut trees is a must-see. If you’re in the mood for noise and chaos or looking for luxuries of resort, then Seegreen Lodges is definitely NOT the place to be!

Accommodations Near Landour






This celestial heritage structure which is about 150 years old is shrouded by the sun-kissed Himalayas and lovingly enveloped by pine forests on all sides..

Seegreen Lodges offers an experience of a world no ordinary hotel could hope to provide with Accommodations Near Landour, , Hotels in mussoorie, Uttararakhand.

Accommodations Near Landour






Accommodations Near Landour, Accommodations Near Landour, Accommodations Near Landour,

Hathipaon is surrounded by forests and has a peace about it. That absolutely no new construction is allowed here, ensures that we can continue to see the pines and deodars and wake up to the sound of chirping birds. The surrounding forests are fiercely protected by The Forest Department and as a result, we have largely virgin forests with old trees.

There are many trails straight walks and treks into the woods. Depending upon your inclination, you can go for the easy or tough outings. The meadows are green throughout the year and are a favorite for camping.

Accommodations Near Landour






If you are a nature lover, a birder, a trekker ,an artist or simply a tourist who is happy reading a book and chilling, this is the place for you.

Our food is prepared fresh and as per your orders only. Simple, tasty and wholesome food is a guarantee.

We are famous for our warm and personalised services by our very own Pahadi boys, Somender and Gudvir Singh.


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